It does not matter what path you take, but it does matter if the path you are taking is something that you are believing is appropriate. Nothing is more damaging to you than to do something that you believe is wrong.

Abraham Hicks Publications

Gradually more people are realizing that healthy living environment does not arise only from good relationships between home walls but also from the consistency of those same walls!
In co-operation with the experts on this field we are offering consultations on how to build your house to become a home with healthy and supportive inner climate.

In finding the answer to the questions -
How and out of what to
build and what could be
the ecological life-design –
we are using best examples from Europe and other regions throughout the world.

We are co-operating with Ecovillages which are known as the best laboratories in finding solutions for ecological living. Our NPO is one of the supportive members of Global Ecovillage Network Europe. We are also co-founders of GEN Estonia.
At the same time we are not oblivious of the residual products of our construction,
the heritage we leave to our own children. Hence issues on trainig courses are also
waste management, sustainable development, learning with nature and green energy.

Natural living environment can evolve out of mutual understanding and co-operation. We have experienced frequently that there is much more than material profit in working together. It is the something you can’t put into words nor measure but what is felt by everyone involved.
This joyful positive energy.

Pictures about construction work can be seen here.

Here is page with the information about Tools for Sustainability Education that we are constructing here - Educational Kits

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Seminars and workshops about Natural Building Materials!

More photos and info about our constuctions and recent workshops you will find on estonian language.

PROJECTS in 2012

The Findhorn EcoKit Project and Learning Partnership is a partnership between two similar rural areas, Morayshire, in the Highlands of Scotland and Roosna Alliku which is a rural municipality in central Estonia. With its areas of outstanding beauty Moray has many conservation areas, preserving fauna and flora, one of which abutts the Findhorn Community. Roosna Alliku school is situated in an old historial area in a Nature Reserve and like Moray Council, Roosna Alliku municipality places high priority on supporting environmentally friendly projects and ecological awareness. Both council organisations in either country recognise the value in sharing with children educational experiences that enhance understanding of global responsibilities towards climate change and the Earth's sustainability.

The Findhorn EcoKit project is an experiential approach that supports learning about Ecosystems, inter-relationships of all living things; whole systems theory; deep ecology and the place of human beings on the planet and renewable energy. It is a practical hands-on classroom- based programme for teachers and pupils in schools. The project will draw together elementary schools in Estonia and Tallinn University and link them with a primary school in Moray and the Findhorn Community, leaving a legacy of Science and Technology equipment, training and resources for Estonia to utilise within its education system.

Prject is partly funded by Comenius Regio Partnership, thank you Archimedes Foundation.